Affiliate Marketing 101 is a comprehensive 2-hour workshop that will teach you the tips on running your own affiliate program using ThriveCart, aMember Pro and SendOwl and promoting others’ products to help you grow your affiliate
income more effectively!

Affiliate marketing is one way to easily and quickly boost your online business income without even having to stress over the creation of your own digital products. 

However, there is an art and science behind effective email marketing that will help you promote more effortlessly and get the sales you desire!

Faith has been actively running affiliate marketing campaigns for almost 3 years now and has very often ranked on affiliate leaderboards even for promoting large bundles like the Ultimate Bundles' Genius Bloggers' Toolkit despite her relatively small list.

Not only does Faith want to share with you tips to help you improve your affiliate marketing game, she wants to guide you through practical steps when it comes to setting up your own affiliate programs using ThriveCart, aMember Pro, and SendOwl. 

With an effectively-run affiliate program, you can certain expect to see a boost in your product sales the next time you launch a marketing campaign!

And you will fall in love with email marketing even more because of how it can bring you more affiliate income by promoting offers from other content creators!

In Affiliate Marketing 101 workshop, you will learn: 

  • what cookies are and how they affect your affiliate programs 
  • how to set up your own affiliate program on aMember Pro, ThriveCart, and SendOwl 
  • how to set up personalized emails to your affiliates in ConvertKit and MailerLite 
  • how to make affiliate payouts on PayPal 
  • how to determine which affiliate products to promote for best sales conversions 
  • how to write affiliate newsletters

Ready to master your own affiliate program as well as level up your affiliate marketing game?
Dive into Affiliate Marketing 101 today!

Video includes closed captions.

About The Course Creator:

Faith is the owner of and she helps online entrepreneurs build a thriving business through creating and selling easy-to-create digital products with effective and sleaze-free email marketing. 


More than 9500 students have gone through Faith's design and online marketing courses and she has conducted over 520 1-to-1 business consultation sessions. 


Under her guidance, Faith's clients have created and sold their first digital products and made their first $100, $1000, and beyond in their online businesses. 


Her YouTube channel with dozens of detailed and highly-raved Canva tutorials ranks amongst Top 2% in terms of subscriber numbers.

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Would you like to learn the real behind-the-scene struggles and secrets to success from a mompreneur who built a 6-figure online business while caring for three young children? 


Here are 3 courses where Faith tells it all!

1) Busy Less, Work Smart, Earn More (Usual $47) - This training will show you how Faith schedules her work day, organizes her business tasks, how she works an average of 5 hours a day and earns a monthly 5-figure income, her steps to creating products, courses, and tips on affiliate marketing.

2) Journey To 6 Figures (Usual $97) - This training will reveal the 20 secrets to how Faith built a 6-figure online business in less than 9 months with actionable tips that you can apply to building a thriving online business!

3) 7 Surefire Ways To Increase Subscriber Engagement (Usual $47) - This training will share with you the 7 essential steps you need to master email marketing and convert your subscribers into raving fans! Nope. You don't need a huge list. Faith shows you with exact steps and statistics on how she earns an average of $13 in business revenue per subscriber with fewer than 1500 subscribers!

TOTAL: $191


I just finished Busy Less, Work Smart, Earn More and I am BLOWN AWAY!!! This is EXACTLY what I needed!!!! Fantastic!!! I tip my hat to you!! You are so AMAZING!! I just wish more people sought you out as a mentor before wasting a lot of time and money in the wrong direction.

Christina Deptulski

Excellent training! Journey to 6 Figures had a huge impact on me. I could identify so much with Faith when she started and seeing her success in closer details show us that it is possible to succeed online as a mompreneur in different ways. You will get for sure inspired by her story and will have the valuable tips to shortcut the path for your own success.

Cynthia Siqueira

In ‘7 Surefire Ways To Increase Subsriber Engagement’, Faith’s friendly personality shines through and you genuinely feel that if you follow her advice, you too can achieve what she has done. She shares her income data from 3 sources and you find a big surprise! She explains the nuts and bolts of the data behind the scenes of your email provider and what 3 important acronyms mean. That was totally new for me and I will be paying more attention to that from now on! 


She takes us through 7 tips for email marketing, that although we may have known about them in general, she makes us investigate the reason for doing something and how that can benefit us as a business owner. 


This is a good course for someone who is beginning their journey of being an email marketer because it is not as simple as just sending out a letter or gift to everyone. I have taken many of Faith’s courses and would not have learned as much as I have without her personal advice and tutorials!

Sheila Anderson-Mochrie

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