Transform yourself from a beginner to a confident designer who knows how to find and apply your unique design style into the digital products you
create and improve your business brand in just 40 minutes!

In this unique workshop "Finding and Applying Your Unique Design Style" you will learn how to:

create your own design style idea boards

apply your chosen design style on a product design

incorporate your preferred design style into your brand

Even the non-designers will gain confidence in finding and applying your own unique design style in just 40 minutes!

Canva Templates included:

Simple undated planner Canva Templates (with commercial use rights)

Design Style Idea Boards with 10 unique design styles to help you get started and a fully customizable idea board to help you implement what you learn in this workshop and grow your own library of design style ideas so you'll have an endless list of design styles to refer to!

*Video includes closed captions.

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Thank you for your time and expertise, Faith! As always, such a great example of how to utilize ideas in our templates. I’ve seen mood boards before, but I love how you showed exactly how to incorporate the ideas in our projects. I am not a graphic designer, but after your session, I feel very confident in creating my own styles. Again, thank you!!!

Shannon B.

I just want to say that your training really helped me to find the style for my business. I struggled with picking a niche for a while (I tend to be all over the place and do so many crafts and styles) I finally picked a niche and still had trouble honing my individual style in my designs. I noticed the more I designed the more I (subconsciously) had a certain style. But with this workshop and your templates I was able to really map it out and apply it.

Ty Davis

Thank you so much for this amazing presentation, it opened my eyes to all of the endless possibilities there are for design.


Thanks a bunch for your workshop! Great insight & loved watching & learning from you.

Mary V.

I absolutely loved your workshop. Especially mentioning that website for color combos. I never know what colors go together! So I know that will be helpful in both my online items and even the items I crochet.

Elizabeth R.

Thank you for a great workshop. I learned a ton about boards, color palettes, etc. Thank you so much.

Brenda L.

Your workshop was wonderful, thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with us!


Your workshop was amazing! I'd have to say I learned the most about Canva from your presentation! You are an excellent instructor.

Gena K.

Faith, thank you! Your energy is contagious, and I can't wait to use the idea boards to help me build my brand!

Taunya H.

Loved your presentation, and your style is beautiful!


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Faith is the owner of and she helps online entrepreneurs build a thriving business through creating and selling digital products with effective email marketing.

In the last two years, more than 7000 students have gone through Faith's design and online marketing courses and she has conducted over 520 business consultation sessions.

Under her guidance, Faith's clients have created and sold their first digital products and made their first $100, $1000, and beyond in their online businesses.

When she's not working, you'll find Faith at the gym hitting the bags at Muay Thai classes and practising her newly-acquired Jiu Jitsu skills with her children.

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