Sales Page 101 is a training designed for all online content creators who want to master the art and science of creating high-converting sales pages that are professional and well-structured and also to write effective sales copy that is sincere and convincing without being sleazy-salesy.
Are you confused about what to include in your sales page to boost sales conversion rate?

Are you disappointed to hear only the sound of crickets during your product launch week even after spending days pulling your hair writing sales copy that you thought was amazing?

Do you wish you could have a sales page template that will speed up the process of creating your sales page so that you can spend more time doing the fun stuff?
Let me help you ditch your disdain for creating sales pages by providing you with a step-by-step method of creating your sales pages and writing sales copy with greater confidence and ease so that you can SELL MORE without any sleaze!
Here is what you will get inside Sales Page 101:

Structured lesson on the essentials of a well-structured sales page anatomy  

Structured lesson on tips on writing effective and convincing sales copy without being icky pushy  

Sales Copy Checklist

Sales Page/Copy Guide

For the purpose of this program...
What is "Sales Page Anatomy"?

It refers to the structure of a sales page, the type of content, and how they should be arranged to present a smooth-flowing, professional-looking, and high-converting sales page. This could include text, graphics, videos, testimonials, and any relevant content to present a convincing pitch to your potential customers so that they'd want to sign up or purchase a product or service that you offer.

What is "Sales Copy"?

It refers to the WORDS used on your sales page that could describe the product or service that you offer and any reasons why your potential customer should be interested in your offer as why as why they should buy it.

Here are the structured lessons inside Sales Page 101:

Sales Page Foundations 

Sales Copy Foundations 

6 Sales Page examples -- I share reasons why they are structured that way and these include long and short sales pages for courses, PLR products, membership programs, and giveaway/bundle contributions 

Sales Copy Practice

Here are the questions answered inside Sales Page 101:

How does the length of sales page affect sales conversion rate? 

What are the AIDA and PAS models and how do they apply to sales pages? 

How do you sell without sounding salesy? 

How do you write like you’re talking to a friend and you’re trying to help? 

How do you decide how long does the sales page need to be? 

How do you deal with a sales page that’s too long? 

How do you create a sales page that is straight to the point? 

What is a good sales conversion rate and what factors affect it? 

How should you keep a sales page for a membership program updated monthly?


1. I'm in (fill in the blank) niche. Will this program help me?

The tips on sales page anatomy and sales copy taught in this program can be applied to any niche. 

2. I don't have any existing products to sell yet. Will this program help me?

You can certainly benefit from learning all the tips on sales page anatomy and sales copy so that when you have a product ready to sell, you will know exactly how to do things the right way and maximize sales conversion! 

See what students have to say:

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About the course creator:
Faith is the owner of and she helps online entrepreneurs build a thriving business through creating and selling easy-to-create digital products with effective and sleaze-free email marketing.

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- how to improve your sales copy

- how to improve your product banners/videos on the sales page where relevant

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